The Faith Formation Working Group is dedicated to assisting congregations in the lifelong process of learning and growing in the Christian faith. We consult, provide and curate resources, design and lead training, and support churches and institutions of the diocese in achieving their faith formation goals. With the move into the digital realm, we now partner with  with Congregational Ministries in the  training and support of lay and ordained leaders.

The Faith Formation Working Group can help you with these areas:
– Retreats
– Scholarships for formation conferences and training
– Diocesan wide learning events/training
– Curriculum consultation for all ages

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Diocese Contacts For All Your Formation Questions!

Working Group Head

Associate for Faith Formation

Amy Cook, Working Group Head

Amy advises formation ministries for adults. This includes planning and organizing diocesan-wide learning events, supporting existing education programs for the diocese, and consulting with clergy, staff, vestries and other church leaders on resources and training for churches.

Contact Amy for:

  • Adult Formation
  • Spirituality and discernment resources
  • Young Adult Ministry/Campus chaplaincy
  • Anti-Racism Training & Programs
  • Wellness ministries
  • Creation Care resources & Programs
  • Eucharistic Minister & Visitor Training

    Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation

    Caren advises formation ministries for youth and children. She assists youth ministers with retreats and events, sometimes organizing and planning them, sometimes simply with financial support and other resources. She plans and organizes Diocesan-wide confirmations, as well as consults with congregations about confirmation curricula. The Diocesan Whole and Healthy Church policy runs through Caren’s office which includes researching and crafting policy, organizing in person trainings, and facilitating online training and background checks.

    Contact Caren for

    • Children’s Ministries
    • Youth Ministry
    • Family Ministry
    • Confirmation
    • Whole & Healthy Church Training and Guidelines
    • Teacher Training